5 Apps to Keep Track of Your Spending

It used to be that when you want to track your spending, you carry a notebook and pen everywhere you go – Jot down the details every time you spend money and by the end of the month, total everything manually. For those who are more tech-savvy, they create spreadsheets of their expenses. These traditional ways of tracking expenses still work but they are sure not as efficient as if you use a mobile app instead.

If you’re looking for a spending tracker app to download on your smartphone, here are some of the best free apps to checkout:


Available for iOS, Windows and Android, Mint is one of the most popular apps for money management. Whether you want to keep track of your spending or saving or you want to make a budget, the mobile app does everything and it’s free to download too. The app has an intuitive design making it incredibly easy to use. Now you can get account totals and even get your credit score for free right on your mobile phone.


Also downloadable for free, Mvelopes is a mobile app available for both iOS and Android phones. The app isn’t just a spending tracker but it helps you achieve your financial goals too. It starts off by asking you details about your financial goals. Then the app syncs bank accounts and also create a budget. At the same, the app also guarantees excellent security. No personal info leaking to worry about.


Another free app that’s easy to use is Fudget. The app is available for both iOS and Android phones featuring a no-frills and intuitive interface that helps you handle your finances better. The app is especially helpful if you want to track short-term expenses like vacation expenses or your holiday budget.


If you want to categorize your spending according to type, month or location, BillGuard is a free app that helps you do just that. The app is free to download and is compatible for iOS and Android phones. It will also let you link to your accounts while you enjoy free access to your credit score. In case of data breach, you’ll be alerted immediately as part of the app’s identity protection.


Pocket Expense

At the moment, Pocket Expense is only available for iOS. The app is free and it’s great for tracking your spending first before you make a budget. It’s also incredibly user-friendly with a simple yet intuitive interface. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t sync with your bank accounts but you do have the option to manually enter all transactions if you want.